Sure Foot Epoxy Coating Grey S/M 1112-Sfg

  • Completely eliminates ice adhesion
  • No Hacking required to stop ice build up
  • Retains factory running board strength
  • 50-500% less than running board inserts
  • Steel brush included for application prep.
  • Simple spray, roll or brush on application
  • Durable epoxy coating is enough for one sled


  • Spray on ambient cure - Lasts for years
  • Dries in as little as 8 hours
  • Completely eliminates ice adhesion
  • Packaged as adequate solution to coat the inside of 1 tunnel (excluding coolers) or 1 rear suspension
  • Proven to out perform

Note: Coating of coolers is not recommended as it will decrease the cooling ability


  • Easy to apply formulation rubs or buffs onto any surface
  • Easily applies to any problem components
  • Keeps snow and ice off suspensions, bumpers and tunnel
  • Works on body panels, hoods and other plastic surfaces
  • Offers an added UV protectant to plastic components
  • Polishes on and dries clear with a glossy sheen
  • Provides enough to coat an snowmobile with one coat
  • Combine parts A and B into the provided squeeze bottle, Shake thoroughly and apply.


Price: 59.28