Speedo Tuner Honda Ho-006

Everyone deserves an accurate speedometer to prevent breaking the law and hurting the value of their motorcycles. Until now the only solution was limited to a few products that require complicated mathematical formulas to calculate an adjustment to offset a gearing or tire/wheel change, but it still carried the original factory offset along with it.

  • Works on most any bike with an electronic speedometer
  • No math required, no guessing
  • Simple 3-step procedure to regain accurate speedometer and odometer readings within 1%
  • Fixes calibration once and for all

Speedo Tuner® fixes the following problems:

  • Any sprocket or gearing change (up or down)
  • Tire profile change or using any of the new oversized tires
  • Harley’s changing to 6-speed and/or overdrive transmissions
  • Anyone who’s tired of poor OE speedometer inaccuracies

Price: 78.96