Fusion Led Stage 1 Sys Multi 6Led Strips/Cpu/Hrdwr Mcx3S1

Here is a great LED kit that is inexpensive and quick to install. Consider the stage one kit if you don’t want to go wild (yet).The ideal kit for mild accenting through out your bike, or to explode a single area such as the engine. Add more LED strips at any time.
Fusion systems come in two models: single color or million color systems. Million color systems allow you to change colors with the press of a button.
Features: A multi-color, three-zone, six lines, plug-n-play CPU with wireless remote.

•    13 Flash Patterns (5 Music/Engine Thump Modes).
•    5 Speed Flash Driver.
•    5 Levels of sound sensitivity.
•    21 Colors, including million color mode and seven color mode.
•    Secondary Power Up Option.
•    CPU and Wireless Remote.
•    (2) 3” Flex-Tech LED strips.
•    (4) 5” Flex-Tech LED strips.
•    Mounting hardware.
•    Total number of LEDs: 90.

Price: 141.74