Fusion Led Stage 1 Sys G-Wing 13 Led Strips/Cpu/Hrdwr Gwx3S1

The absolutely amazing Honda Goldwing Fusion LED Lighting system is the easiest, most affordable way to light a Goldwing motorcycle from front to rear. The Fusion Stage 1 Goldwing  LED system is designed for the latest Goldwing body style but can be easily adapted to fit older models.

LED KIT Contains:
CPU and Wireless Remote.
(3) 4” Flex-Tech LED strips.
(6) 10” Flex-Tech LED strips.
(2) 15” Flex-Tech LED strips.
(2) 24” Flex-Tech LED strips.
(7) Y-Splitter cables.
(2) 12” extension cables.
(4) 24” extension cables.
Mounting hardware.

Multi-color, three-zone, six lines, plug-n-play CPU with wireless remote.
13 Flash Patterns (5 Music / Engine Thump Modes).
5 Speed Flash Driver.
5 Levels of sound sensitivity.
21 Colors, including million color mode and seven color mode.
Secondary Power Up Option.

Price: 323.99