Dfr Exhaust Valve Set Rzr 800 12-1833

When it comes to valve train needs for the 4-stroke motor in your Side-X-Side, rest assured that DragonFire has the solution for you. We have worked with our sister company FactionMX who specializes in 4-stroke valve train technology, to develop the best of the best for your Side-X-Side motor. Our stainless steel valves and complete kits provide unmatched performance and longevity. These quality engineered components are available in multiple kits to make sure you get your motor running right and keep you on the trail for the long haul!

Valve Features:
  • Better performing and longer lasting than OEM valves
  • Produced from a one-piece forging process from certified 2104N stainless steel
  • Black Nitrided hardening treatment decreases valve wear & improves performance
  • Centerless ground stem & swirl polished
  • Surface finish is smoother than chromed stems resulting in less friction between stem & guide
  • Matches any valve seat (modular iron, steel powder metal, hard aluminum-copper or beryllium copper)


Price: 71.54