Dfr 3 Way Rocker Switch 04-0029

  • LED back light for night riding (not used in all switches)
  • Designed with off road abuse in mind
  • Common size will fit most panels (can be flush mounted in dash)
  • Different color options to keep from confusion
  • Grip button for ease of use during riding
  • Standard On/Off, single way & two way switches are all black & do not come with LED light setup
  • DFR-ASWITCH2MOM - single way momentary rocker switch (used for a horn or siren)
  • DFR-ASWITCH3MOM - two way momentary rocker switch (used for winch in/out)
  • All other switches are for standard accessory On/Off usage
  • Sold individually (ordering qty 1 will give you 1 switch)

Price: 10.79